The Wolves of Erin
The Wolves of Erin

An Innocent Man
An Innocent Man

Poster for 'An Innocent Man' Design: Steph Prior

An Innocent Man
An Innocent Man

Cast: Ed Hartland, Carla-Marie Metcalfe Photography: Conor Boru

The Wolves of Erin
The Wolves of Erin

The Wizard of Oz

The Exchange, Twickenham, 2019

Elizabeth Samuels Drama School 

We all know what happened when Dorothy and her faithful dog Toto were whisked away by a tornado and ended up in Oz—talking scarecrow, rusty tin man, cowardly lion, and of course: a wicked witch—but do you know what happened next? And after that? And after that?

Do you know about Tip and the Evil Witch Mombi? Or the giant spiders? Or the Nome King?

What do you mean you’ve never heard of them?!

Well, you had better pay attention because their armies are gathering to take the throne and declare them the true Wizard of Oz! The only hope of avoiding complete disaster lies with Dorothy and Toto who have returned to protect the weird and wonderful Oz from war…

Secrets Unlocked

16 New Street, Jersey, 2019

Butterfly Theatre

Ed worked as dramaturge and writer for a site-specific piece based on the history of Jersey – combining the islands history with scenes from Shakespeare plays.

California Suite

PH Heidelberg University of Education, 2019

4 Hotel Rooms, 6 Couples, 13 Life Stories. All under the same roof on the same night.

Ed worked as dramaturge with the newly founded English Drama Group of the Pädagogische Hochschule Heidelberg on their site-specific production of California Suite by Neil Simon in the Hotel Auerstein Heidelberg.

St Anthony's Isle

London College of Music, 2018 

People go missing on St Anthony's Isle, they vanish and are never seen again. Spread over two timelines St Anthony's Isle tells the story of the people who have gone missing on a small island in the Irish Sea.

St Anthony's Isle was directed as a rehearsed reading by Phoebe Rhodes at the London College of Music with students on the acting course.

The Girl in the Water

The Exchange, Twickenham, 2018

Elizabeth Samuels Drama School

Ben and his friends are the misfits at school. Every day after school they go into the nearby woods and hang out by the river, free to be themselves, safe from other students who pick on them and away from real life problems. Ben is always the first to arrive and the last to leave, desperate to get home as late as possible to avoid the daily arguments between his parents. One day he arrives as normal and a mysterious girl appears in the river. Confusion, friendship and betrayal ensue – can the group work together to get the answers they need?

The Wolves of Erin

The Etcetera Theatre, The Old Red Lion (London Horror Festival) 2018 

Northern Ireland, 1983. Full moon. A British soldier separated from his unit in an ambush takes shelter in a barn. Under the light of the full moon, fears grow that one of his companions for the night is a werewolf. A folk-horror, dark comedy of Catholic, Protestants and werewolves.

"The Wolves of Erin is more than just a highly charged political piece of folk horror it is also very funny. the dialogue is extremely sharp and has a uniquely wicked sense of Celtic irony. Violent, intense, atmospheric and often very funny we give The Wolves of Erin a 666/666 ." (The Horror Hothouse)

Treasure Island

The Exchange, Twickenham, 2018

Elizabeth Samuels Drama School

The Elizabeth Samuels Drama School performed an adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson's classic novel as part of their Play in a Week program.

Be My Bloody Valentine

The Drayton Arms, 2018

It's Valentine's Day and at the headquarters of Friendship Assistance In London, Grace and Nigel are preparing for a night spent helping those in need of a friend. As the evening unfolds, the desperate and deranged that make up F.A.I.L.'s staff and clientele vie for each other's affections, culminating in the most romantic gesture of all: Murder.

Allez Hop! Theatre presented Be My Bloody Valentine, an evening of love, laughter and a higher than average body count inspired of iconic French farces at the Drayton Arms in 2018.

"This play is almost wholly absurd, serving up a very dark comedy but without even a scintilla of guilt (at least, on my part) about laughing about details in a storyline that would, ordinarily, be quite disturbing, and maybe even worthy of a ‘reconstruction’ on those Crimewatch programmes they used to do on television...A brief but nonetheless delightful play" **** (London Theatre 1)

"In this production Ed Hartland's script is the star of the show. The dialogue is punchy and well-measured, the characters well defined and likeable" (London Pub Theatres)

Scenes from the End of the World

London College of Music, 2017 

The world is going to end tomorrow, what would you do? Scenes from the End of the World shows snapshots of people facing the end of the world- some seek out God, some try things they've always wanted to do, some have absolutely no idea what to do with their remaining hours.

Scenes from the End of the World was performed as a rehearsed reading at the London College of Music by students on the acting course.

Scare Slam

Old Red Lion Theatre, 2017

After having two pieces performed at last year's Scare Slam hosted by Blackshaw Theatre, Ed performed his own short story Murder of Crows at the Old Red Lion.

"Listening to Ed perform this piece was captivating as during his gory confession of stamping a crow to death, you felt as though you had caught him in the act. He didn’t mean to do it. Promise." (The Spy in the Stalls)

Waking the Walking Dead

Old Red Lion Theatre, 2017

Following the success of last year's Wicker Hamper at the Old Red Lion Theatre, Waking the Walking Dead has been accepted by the London Horror Festival.

Survivors of the zombie apocalypse take shelter in an abandoned railway station. As the undead close in who will survive, what will be left of them, and who will end up as human hors d’oeuvres?

Twelve Angry Jurors

Heidelberg, 2017

Ed worked with Thadden EDC as dramaturg for their production of Reginald Rose's Twelve Angry Men.

Alice in Wonderland

Elizabeth Samuels Drama School, 2018

Teomas Theatre (directed by Yasmin Sidhwa), Lithuania, 2018

UK Tour, 2017

Germany Tour, 2016

Follow Alice down the rabbit hole and into Wonderland.

After Butterfly Theatre's successful 2016 tour in Germany, visiting Heidelberg and Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Alice in Wonderland went on a UK tour in the early summer months (2017).

"From the moment the Cheshire Cat ushered us into the mouth of the cavern, you could sense that we were in for a magical time...So began an enchanting hour and a quarter" (Sian-Elin Flint-Freel, Buxton Fringe)

"Inventive and fun" **** (Fringe Guru)


Emerging Artists Showcase

Above the Arts, 2017

Six40 Theatre performed two one-act plays (Phoenix and Always a Catholic) at the Above the Arts Studio space at The Arts Theatre.


The Etcetera Theatre, 2017

A dark comedy about a hitman developing a conscience, his missing cat Mr Pusskins, and incompetent cat-nappers.

“You should remember this moment. Memorise this date, because I gotta say: any other time I’d make an example of you. Thing is I’ve got at least one person to kill today- maybe two, possibly three. Three’s enough for me. Memorise this date, it’s your new lucky date.”


Old Red Lion Theatre, 2016

Blackshaw Theatre's ScareSlam at the Old Red Lion Theatre featured two short horror stories (Skag n' Bone Man and The Haunt) performed by Stuart Vincent and Charis King.

"Ed Hartland shows versatility in his writing with Skag And Bone Man and The Haunt. The first includes a captivating performance from Stuart Vincent as he rhythmically tells the mythical tale of a boy losing his soul at the hands of a monster" (A Younger Theatre)

The Wicker Hamper

Old Red Lion Theatre, 2016

When funding is cut from Winterisle's Theatre there's only one way to get it back...human sacrifice!

Marie, the perfect sacrifice, checks into The Bates Hotel & Golf Club, Winterisle's best (and only) holiday destination. When the hotelier goes missing Marie must team up with a police sergeant from the mainland, each step bringing them closer and closer to the Wicker Hamper!

The Wicker Hamper was part of the London Horror Festival 2016 at the Old Red Lion Theatre.

"elements of Hitchcock’s Psycho along with The Exorcist, Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Universal classic horror are somehow seamlessly blended into Ed Hartland’s comic slayride, along with enough hidden Easter eggs referencing other genre movies to keep the most ardent horror fan happy...a very funny knockabout show...a riotously funny classic horror mash I give The Wicker Hamper a 555/666" (Horror Hothouse Review)

"promising work, which deserves to be more widely seen" (UK Theatre Network)

"Hartland lines up the gags like beads on a necklace" (The Play's the Thing)

Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

St James Studio Theatre, 2015

Above the Arts, 2015


White Bear Theatre, 2015

Two undercover coppers prepare to take down an arms dealer- no problem, as long as unwelcome housekeeping, dodgy accents and a man with a two year old speeding ticket don't blow their covers! A dark farce of De Niro impressions, hidden secrets, Heimlich manoeuvres.

Undercover ran at The White Bear Theatre as part of a double-bill, The Hotel Room, alongside Ben Worth's Criminal Behaviour.

"laughs aplenty...good writing" (London Theatre 1)

Dracula's Women

Poole's Cavern, 2014

A site specific production developed with Butterfly Theatre and performed in Poole's Cavern as part of the 2014 Buxton Fringe Festival.


The Space, 2014

When Dr Black unexpectedly dies in Baskerville Hall, his guests Miss Scarlett and Colonel Mustard must call on super sleuths Sherlock Holmes, Hercules Parrot, Sam Shovel and the world’s foremost blind detective to solve the crime and save the day … if they can overcome cocaine addiction and internal monologue syndrome.
Four detectives…no clue!

An Innocent Man​​

The Hen & Chickens, 2014

The Space, 2014

Headliner's Comedy Club, 2013

When a secret agent is killed in London, businessman Richard McDonagh finds himself accused and hunted by Scotland Yard. Desperate to clear his name Richard McDonagh runs to the last place in the world anyone would think of looking…Scotland!


Richard McDonagh: AN INNOCENT MAN out to save his life…or die trying!


Stack 10 Theatre Company presents a brand new play bringing the spirit of 1950s radio plays and Hitchcock’s thrillers to 2013.

"Laugh out loud humour, a witty script and a creative delivery...both An Innocent Man and Whodunnit are a relaxing, fun night out with a type of humour to suit all tastes. Combining music, nostalgia, comedy and great storytelling, this is a creative and entertaining take on a classic genre." (Everything Theatre)

"The 39 Steps is lovingly pastiched in An Innocent Man." (Stage Review)


Twitter Reviews:

"frickin funny"

"brilliantly clever script, wonderfully acted"

If it bleeds it leads
If it bleeds it leads

Dir.: Yasen Atour Palikuku Films

If it bleeds it leads
If it bleeds it leads

Dir.: Yasen Atour Palikuku Films

If it bleeds, it leads

A young journalist desperate for success makes a deadly decision to get headlines.




Palikuku Films

Dir.: Yasen Atour

Music: Ross Townsend-Green